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In this 8-week intensive course, we guide you through uncovering the power of your brand and harnessing it to market to your ideal client/customer. Your coordinator will have clarity on your positioning and a clear understanding of how to effectively market your business.

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May 26, 2022

8 Thursdays, 9:00am – 12:00pm

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We participated in Zap's marketing bootcamp and have received immense value in terms of strategies and methods to communicate with our audience and build our brand. Thanks Zap team!

Colin Enns

Keystone Outdoor Living, ★★★★★

Learn essential and relevant marketing that drives results

Why Take This Course?

Learn how to efficiently run marketing in-house so you can save time searching and researching


Live online or in-person training + Workbook


Clarity and direction on how to effectively run marketing in-house

Who is it for?

Marketing Coordinators

Have you hired a new marketing coordinator and don’t have the time or expertise to train them? We will train and equip your new hires to be able to run your in-house marketing efficiently and effectively. They will be able to handle the marketing with a clear direction to accomplish your company’s goals. This will save time and money and even increase your bottom line.


Are you in an administrative position and wear many hats? One of these hats most likely includes marketing. Have you been asked to handle the marketing role but don’t feel equipped to be efficient and effective? This course will help you gain clarity about the foundation your marketing efforts should be built upon. Then you will create and learn systems to efficiently plan and execute your content monthly.

Small Business Owners

Are you a small business owner that doesn’t have the time for marketing but know that it’s important for business growth? We understand how busy being an owner is, that’s why we created this course. To save you time in the long run and establish marketing routines. This course will bring you clarity for the direction of your marketing and systems to efficiently and effectively plan and implement your marketing each month with ease to grow your business.

What you will learn in Marketing Coordination Certification


Marketing Plan
& System

Organization and systems on how to manage your leads and schedule


Search Engine Marketing

Optimize your web presence so Google favours you over your competitors.


Content Marketing

Learn the ins and outs of social platforms, blogging and email marketing.


Lead Generation

How to map, plan and execute a campaign using a landing page and lead magnet.

What will Marketing Coordination Certification do for my company?


Increase the value of your company while giving a competitive edge in the market


Build customers' trust, communicating that you are credible, established and reliable


Improved advertising, helping to increase brand recognition & retention


Increased sales & revenue while attracting local, valuable customers

Taught by Experienced Industry Experts

Learn from industry-leading branding agency owners to help position your business for growth. Teaching practical and relevant marketing that they experience daily.

Hannah Wheeler

Hannah Wheeler

Co-founder & Brand Strategist


Hannah is a co-founder and the Creative Director of Zap Creative. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, her experience in the field and talent are showcased through the powerful brand identities and interactive designs she creates. Hannah is skilled at developing strong brands by encapsulating an organization’s core values and personality. She flourishes by identifying new opportunities for continuous growth and strategically executes them with intent. Hannah is passionate about working closely with clients and helping them achieve their goals.

DJ Wheeler

DJ Wheeler

Co-founder & Implementation Specialist


DJ is a co-founder and the Implementation Specialist of Zap Creative. He is an innovative problem solver and creative thinker. DJ is meticulous and thorough in his work, ensuring that all website processes and touchpoints work together seamlessly. He is skilled at developing responsive websites that perform and strategically reflect each brand. DJ excels at developing and implementing high-quality web capabilities that drive traffic and results to our client’s websites.

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Earn a Zap Academy Marketing Coordination Certificate

Upon completing this course, you’ll receive a professional certificate to share with your network and showcase all that you’ve learned.

What our clients have to say:

I had the opportunity to participate in the marketing boot camp offered from Zap Creative. Zap Creative worked with me to brand our chiropractic office social media! I was able to learn new marketing tips and new programs. After I was finished the Bootcamp I still have monthly check-ins with them. They helped me out when I had questions and stuck on what to do next. I would highly recommend Zap creative!

Nicole Pawlovich

Pawlovich Chiropractic ★★★★★

We attended their marketing boot camp and it is a must for every small business. As they teach how to run a marketing campaign for a small business. Their professional, helpful and caring as they taught us and continue to help is why I would recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their business.

Keny Pizzey

PGI Printers ★★★★★

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